Free Riding Mower Removal. Too good to be true?

September 7, 2020

By Jim Raifsnider

We often get asked, "is there a charge for this service"? Others ask, "ok. so whats the catch"? There is no charge for pickup, and there is no catch! We simply ask that you place your unwanted riding mower to the side of your driveway, beside your garage doors would be perfect. We do ask that they NOT be placed by the curb.

We may ask that a picture of the rider, and a picture of the engine be texted to 717-940-9029. This helps us see what we are picking up, and lets us see the overall condition of the rider to be removed, as well as insure that we'll have room on our trailer.

We often also get asked, "What do you do with these"? In most cases, the units get used for parts. We keep anything that is salvageable, and what is not gets recycled.

Text us today, to schedule free removal of your riding mower.